Brain Feed is a type of magical candy. It is not consumed by humans, rather given to animals. Most mammals, reptiles, and birds will find the food quite appetizing. It is unknown what they taste like, but Victoria Colson's cat, Jasmine, refers to them as "salty." When consumed, they allow animals temporary human intelligence, which includes the power of speech and memory.    

Apperaces in The Candy Shop WarEdit

While visiting Victoria Colson's house, Pigeon gives some to Victoria's cat, in order to gain information about the U.S.S. Stargazer. He also gives some to his Labrador, Diego. Don't forget the horse! 

Appearances in The Candy Shop War 2Edit

Again, Pigeon gives the food to Diego. When it was given to him, Diego mentions that without the Brain Feed, it seems like he's "Sleepwalking through life," and he says "that something always seemes to be going on" when he isn't under the effects of Brain Feed. Pigeon mentions the effects could eventually become permenant, since Diego consumes it regularly.