Types of CandyEdit

Sun Stones-total opposite of moon rocks-extra gravity is inflicted on user(trick candy)

Melting Pot Mixers-This special candy is used to disguise yourself. If you eat one you will have a different race and fingerprint for one hour.

Shock Bits- Makes it so, the user will shock anyone that they touch.

Creature Crackers-

Whisker Cakes-

White Fudge- Ms. Whites special treat for everyone. Whoever eats it will become addicted to white fudge, and will not notice any more super-natural candy usage around them. Can be reversed by black fudge, another candy by Ms. White.

Mirror Mints- A long lost trick that Ms. White recovered, sucking on this will allow the user to touch mirrors as if it were water and they could almost go through, biting on the Mirror Mint will allow them full access to jump into the mirror realm through the mirror. In the mirror realm, they have no heartbeat, there is no light in the area (except the mirrors on the other side), they don't need food or water, they become immortal there unless every last mirror is shattered. Must use another Mirror Mint to get out through another mirror

Clean Slate- Small gray cube. Completely wipes out all the memories of whoever willingly eats it. If they are forced to eat the Clean Slate, nothing will happen.

Sweet Tooth- Looks like a candy corn. Ms. Whites' prized magical candy, hence the name of her store Sweet Tooth and Candy Shoppe, makes the user easily convince those, less effective against people with strong wills or know about the Sweet Tooth

Spider Bites- User is able to climb on walls and spit webs from their mouth.

Frost Bites- User becomes a living icicle and freezes things around them and lowers the temperature

Camouflage Caramels- Gives the user the camouflage, pretty much like a chameleon.

Brain Feed- Purposed for animals, feeding them Brain Feed will give them the mind of a human's and they can communicate almost perfectly, after usage animal benefits by getting a bit smarter.

Shock Bits- User becomes electrified, whoever they touch will go flying from the force from the shock

Ironhides- Makes user almost invincible, impossible to feel any pain or suffer damage.

Moon Rocks- Hard candy that allow the user to become nearly weightless, as if gravity does not affect them as much. Its effects are similar to being on the moon, hence the name. The candy itself is similar to that of rock candy. Biting down on a Moon Rock temporarily stops all gravitational pull on the user. For example, if you were falling from a rooftop and bit down on the Moon Rock, you would temporarily stop. After that you would fall and the candy would become useless. Weaknesses: May be hard to control your movements. Biting down or spitting out a Moon Rock makes it useless.

Peak Performance Gum- This gum will make you great in althetic and strategic games. After use the next peak perfromance gum will become weaker.

Bestial Biscuits- Created by Mr. Stott, these crackers will turn the user into an animal. The user could become, a mountain gorilla, a golden eagle, a great white shark, a Siberian tiger, a gray wolf, or a Kodiak bear.